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What to do if Nano not in use for a while

Updated: May 12, 2022

If you have not used your Nano for several days, we recommend completing a flushing process before you start to use it again. If the last use of Nano was more than 1 month prior, we also recommend running the cleaning process. After 5 days of not using Nano

  1. Put a large pitcher or pot under your Nano’s spigot

  1. Let out 2 liters of Room temperature water

  2. Let out 4 liters of Cold temperature water

  3. Let out 1 liter of Hot water

After 30 days of not using Nano clean the device with Q&C Cleaning Agent.

Good to know: The functioning of your Nano will be better if you use it more often. A long period of non-use can shorten the filter life.


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