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Full Installation of Nano

Updated: Mar 23

Table of Content:

  1. Filter Installation

  2. Piping

  3. Nano Connection

  4. Leakage Check & Power-On


Filter installation

If you have the Q&C Installation & Filtration System, follow the instructions below to install it. If you use another type of filtration system, check for information regarding that product’s installation, then go to the Installation (Piping) section in this manual to continue setup.

1. Find a suitable location for the filter. In the kitchen, we sug- gest locating it under the counter near the cold water angle stop valve. The cartridges must be installed vertically, so that they hang down.

  • With the filter cartridge removed, hold the filter head in the selected location and mark the positions for the screw holes.

  • Remove the filter head and insert the screws into the marked areas, leaving the heads protruding slightly.

2. Assemble the filter

  • Install the quick connectors in the top of the filter head. We recommend you install these by hand to prevent damaging the connectors. Use extreme care if you need to use tools.

  • Insert the filter cartridge into the filter head by inserting and twisting it until it is fully engaged.

  • Attach the filter assembly using the screws installed in the previous step.

3. Install the Nano adapter on the angle stop valve that provides water for the system.

  • Close the cold water angle stop valve and remove the attached pipe using a wrench.

  • Screw the Nano angled adapter onto the stop valve.

  • Install the pipe that was removed in Step 1 into the Nano angled adapter.

4. Connect the pipe to the angle stop valve adapter.

  • Turn the quick-connect fitting on the angle stop valve slightly to open it.

  • Attach a suitable length of pipe to the power fitting, just enough to reach the filter head.

  • Turn the quick-connect fitting to tighten

5. Connect the pipe to the filter head.

  • Insert the pipe into the quick-connect fitting. Pay attention to connect it to the inlet side!



From the under-counter filter, there are several ways to route the 1/4” flexible water pipe to your Nano. Here are three possible solutions.

​A. Drill a hole under Nano

B. Drill