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How to change filter

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

If you use our original filtration system, Nano will track the usage of the cartridge and notify you when a filter change is necessary. We suggest always using our Q&C App when changing the filter.

Filter change process:

  1. Shut down the filter head valve

  2. Push ROOM on Nano to make sure the inlet water is closed

  3. Rotate the filter cartridge around 90 degrees.

  4. Take out the old cartridge and insert the new one.

  5. Open the Filter head valve and make sure there is no leakage.

  6. Push the ROOM button on Nano and flush around 5 liters of water.

Filter counter reset 1. solution:

  1. Select the device in the Q&C App

  2. Go to the Maintenance menu

  3. Push the “Reset filter” button

  4. Confirm the change

Filter counter reset 2. solution:

We highly recommend resetting the filter counter in the app or on the device every time you change the filter because:

  • Only this way you can receive a notification at the next time when a filter change is necessary

  • Nano will log all the filter changes.

  • In some cases, this could expand the warranty of the device


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