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Factory Reset

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

If you want to reset your Nano setup, you can use our Factory Reset feature. This process takes a few minutes. Factory reset will erase:

  • All energy saver, cooling mode, temperature setups

  • Wi-fi setup

  • Flow calibration setup

Please note

Factory reset will NOT erase statistics or the device usage counter.

How to reset:

1. Press HOT, COLD and ROOM buttons at once for 15 seconds (buttons will increase in brightness) 2. Three LED buttons will be turned ON with 100% brightness to notify user that the device is in waiting for Factory Reset mode 3. Within 60 seconds, the password must be entered. Password is the following button pressing sequence: HOT, ROOM, COLD, HOT, ROOM, COLD, HOT, ROOM, COLD 4. Factory reset will be performed if the password is correct 5. Device will return to Normal mode if the password is wrong

Please note

Some earlier firmware versions do not support factory reset mode.


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