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Daily Care

To keep Nano clean, we suggest regular care of the external parts and surfaces. Do not use any strong cleaning agents or solvents. Use a clean, damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent to clean the surfaces. Do not put any Nano components in the dishwasher.

Remove the magnetic drip tray, pour out any water, and remove the plastic grid (2). Rinse both parts under fresh water.

Use a mild acetic (for example, vinegar) or citric acid to remove any limescale.

Warning Do not put the drip tray into the dishwasher to avoid damage to the finish.

Use a soft cloth to clean the aluminum and glass parts of the device. Do not use too much water or cleaning agent; avoid getting liquid inside the device.

Use a mild acetic or citric acid to remove any limescale from the front panel and the tap.


Keep in mind that strong cleaning agents can cause damage to the surfaces!


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