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Cooling & Energy saver setup

Updated: May 11, 2022

You can set up the temperature of cold water and the cooling speed, or even turn off the cooling function manually or automatic way with the Energy Saver setup.

How to change the cold water temperature:

  1. In the Q&C App, select the device you want to set up.

  2. Go to Setting and find the temperature slider.

  3. Move the temperature to the desired selection.

Note Nano will cool down the cold water tank temperature to the target level. However, it takes some time. After a user releases cold water, the temperature will increase and the process starts again.

Different cooling modes:

  • OFF: Fully turns off the cooling.

  • Standard: Lower fan noise, slower cooling speed

  • Boost: Higher fan noise, faster cooling speed

Nano can turn off cooling automatic way, if you activate the Energy Saver mode. With this solution, you can save average 70% of energy. To activate this feature, turn Energy Saver to ON and set up the active hours of the week.

How to set up Energy Saver:

  1. In the Q&C App, select the device

  2. Go to Settings and find Energy Saver

  3. Turn it ON

  4. Push to Edit Active Hours

  5. Set up your week and add the different time ranges when you need cold water

  6. Push to Save Schedule

Note If your device is offline, the new setup will be activated after the device reconnects to the internet.

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