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Cleaning / Descaling process

Updated: May 12

It is very important to regularly clean your Nano. This will ensure the best performance of your Nano. For that, we offer a semi-automatic cleaning program and our unique 2-in-1 cleaning material. The cleaning process:

  • Select the device in the Q&C App

  • Go to the Maintenance menu

  • Push the Start Cleaning Program button

  • Choose if you only want to clean your device or also want to change your filter after the cleaning process

  • Follow the instructions in the app

We highly recommend using our app every time when you clean Nano because:

  • The app is the only way to notify you when cleaning is necessary again.

  • Via the app, you can use our semi-automatic cleaning program to always achieve the best results.

  • Nano will log all the cleanings.

  • In some cases, this could expand the warranty of the Nano.

Important The cleaning program is designed for our Q&C Cleaning Agent. This product contains a unique QR code. You can only start the cleaning program by scanning the single-use QR code.