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An exceptionally energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, compact smart water dispenser for those who want to enjoy crystal-clear water at the workspace or home.

Clean drinking water for Businesses


One of Nano's benefits

Much less electrical bill in the end of the year

Thanks for our unique heating technology, which was the first of its kind, you can save an outstanding amount of energy and money compared with the average water dispensers on the market


Up to seven times less energy usage & bill

87 600 Ft

730 kWh

19 560 Ft

163 kWh

10 320 Ft

86 kWh


Power Saving
mode OFF

An average

water cooler


Power Saving
mode ON

Nano standing model

The above calculation gives you an approximate value. For the calculation, we assumed a gross electricity charge of HUF 120 kWh. The calculation also assumes the usage of hot and cold water functions.

With our smart technology

We bring higher quality of service

Thanks for the Nano unique IoT capabilities, we can provide at an even higher level of service quality. Our system essential part to reach the devices from a distance to make the maintenance and troubleshooting more fluid than ever before. 

QC dashboard sample v2.png
app page 2 phones.png

The Q&C App on the left side is made for end users, while the web interface on the right side is only available for service providers. For our IoT service, you will need to share your local wifi network with Nano. 


For Businesses

Rental Plans

Ask for price

What kind of water dispenser do you need?

Advantages of the Rental Plans

We added together all of the most important operation costs into one single monthly fee, so the expenses can be planned precisely.

All cost in

one amount

Nano smart sajat v2.png
  • Filter change

  • Cleaning

  • Shipping & Installation*

  • Repair

* A minimum of 1 year of loyalty and an installation-friendly environment that requires an angle stop valve connection within 5 meters from the unit.

Hungarian product

Support the local business

Nano is a Hungarian product. We started the design work in 2017. After a few years of development, We started the production of Nano in 2020 in our own factory. Check out the video about us.

Need information fast?

Call our head of sales, István Petroczki on  
00(36)611-9402 phone number.

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