If you want to enjoy purified and healthy water anytime, regular cleaning and filter changes are essential. However, maintaining a water cooler or filtration system can be a messy and frustrating job. That is exactly why we created the Q&C app to help you maintain maximum hygiene and efficiency. 

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Statistics & Goals

After you select your water cooler, you'll be taken to the dashboard, where you can access all important information about your device.

Our full statistic system allows you to check your water consumption history and set up future goals.

Q&C app settings

You can adjust the temperature, set up the energy-saver mode, turn on the child lock, change volume levels, and manage all other aspects of the machine.


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The main goal of our app is to make maintenance almost completely automatic and simple for you, so you can drink the purest water anytime.

Nano tracks water consumption, monitors filter life, and checks for limescale buildup. The self-diagnostic system constantly analyzes data from the device's sensors and notifies you about potential problems.

Nano sends you push notifications or emails when it detects problems or when a filter change is needed. You can monitor the status of the system anytime through the app.

Once you receive a maintenance notification, you can immediately order cleaning products and filters from the interface with just a few taps.

All you have to do is start the semi-automatic self-cleaning program from the app, and Nano will take care of the rest. No specialist needed for maintenance—you can ensure high-quality water and hygiene yourself without any hassle.

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Multiple Device Management
for Resellers & Service providers

Let's work together! If you become our reseller or service provider, you can operate and manage as many water coolers as you want even from one interface, allowing you to provide high-quality services to your customers.