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How often do I need to change the filter?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Change regularly based on time and capacity

  • All water filters need to be changed regularly due to bacteria. Usually, a carbon filter’s lifetime is 6 months. Most of the carbon filters used in pitchers have much less, only 1 month. But in some cases, carbon filters with additional bacteriostatic protection, like silver or KDF, can have a longer filter lifetime, even up to 1 year. For Nano we use an advanced filtration with 1 year lifetime.

  • The filter life also depends on the amount of water filtered. Every water filter has a capacity. When the filter reaches capacity, you need to change the filter. For Nano, our filtration could provide 5700 liters of purified water.

Check the filter status in the Q&C App

In our Q&C App, you can track the lifetime of your filter. No need to always check the actual status. The system will inform you before you need to change your filter. To reset the filter counter in the app, use the filter counter reset button inside the app.


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