Smart VS Old-School Water Coolers. Which Should You Buy?

You might be ready to buy a new water dispenser, and be wondering which to go for: a smart, next-gen water cooler, or an old-school one. Or, you might already have a water dispenser but you're looking to upgrade. Here are four questions to ask yourself when making your choice about whether to go for a smart, next-gen water cooler or a traditional, old-school one.

1. What Is the Size and Shape?

Old fashioned water dispensers are often very big. This is partly because these coolers use gravity to draw the water out. As a result, the tap has to be positioned under the large tank. For this reason, you may also find that counter-top versions are very tall. Another thing to consider is that because the tap is lower down, the design requirements mean there's less room under the tap for something bigger like a jug.