State of the Nano: Smart, Clean Water is Here

It’s already October which means we’re month away from launching our Indiegogo campaign. You wouldn’t believe how crazy it is around here, but we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come, and share how close we are to revolutionizing clean drinking water.

Great Things From Humble Beginnings: The Q&C Story

Thirty years ago we could never have imagined we'd use an internet crowdfunding service to launch a smart water dispenser to customers all around the world. Crowdfunding wasn’t a thing back then and neither was the web. The smartest things we had at home were encyclopedias.

From our home on the outskirts of Hungary's capital, Budapest, we grew and evolved Q&C to become experts in water systems for both homes and businesses. Over the past ten years we have listened to our customers as they shared their experiences and frustrations with water dispensers. Everything from annoyance about the ugly look of some water dispensers, to the hassle of having to be home when heavy water bottles arrive.

Three years ago we decided it was time to create something that would make a difference in people’s lives, and have a positive impact on the environment. Our customers had made it clear that they wanted - and weren’t getting - certain things from a water dispenser: