This is How a Smart Water Dispenser Can Save You Time

A water dispenser is a little like a car. You have to maintain it, keep it clean, and give it a regular service. It’s one thing to do all of that for a major investment like a car, but who has time to do all that for an appliance? Here are three smart ways Nano takes care of itself.

1. Nano Cleans Itself

You don’t need to clean your appliances as often as your car - not every day, every week or even every month. But without a regular cleaning routine it's easy to forget the job entirely.

We don’t want to gross you out, but the reason there’s so much chlorine in tap water is to keep bacteria out of the pipes. These bugs would form biofilms that make water taste awful and could even make drinking water unhealthy. Bottled water companies chemically sterilize their factories to keep the same thing from happening.

To improve the water's taste, Nano's filter removes chlorine, but we also designed the Nano to so that it's easy to prevent that bacteria from growing. Nano simply reminds you when it’s time to clean the device. Plus, this smart appliance even makes it easy to order supplies via the app.

Then, all you have to do is to replace the filter cartridge with our cleaning cartridge and start the cleaning process from the mobile app. The Nano automatically does the rest.

2. Nano Lets You Know When It's Time to Change the Filter

Changing your Nano’s water filters is just like changing your car’s oil filter. You know you need to do it, you just don't know when. The fact is, water filters don’t last forever. As it pulls more and more gunk out of the water, the filter holds onto it. When it's full, it needs to be changed. If it's not changed it can actually make water dirtier.

Water filters may not need to be changed every month. It depends how much water it cleans each day. For example, dozens of people in an office may drink more water in a single day, than a professional who’s never home drinks in a month. So the filter of a water dispenser in an office may need to be changed more often.

One of Nano’s smart features is that it tracks how much water you actually use and how long the filter has been working. The only time you need to think about changing the filter is when your Nano notifies you that it's time. How easy is that!

3. A Crust-Free Nano Is a Care-Free Nano

You’ve probably seen the chalky-white crust that forms on shower heads, kettles and water heaters. It’s caused by calcium in the water and turning into limescale. Over time that limescale builds up, clogging thin pipes and covering heating elements.

Nano’s intelligent sensors can tell when limescale starts to form long before you would even see it. That's because Nano notices when its heater isn’t as efficient as it used to be, and when water doesn’t flow as quickly through its pipes. At the first sign of limescale, Nano will tell you that it’s time for a descaling treatment, that will keep it in tip-top shape.

Smart Features, Clean Water and an Easy Life

Keeping a water dispenser in shape is as important as maintaining your car - after all this is the water you and your family drink. With a few timely reminders, these smart features make caring for it as convenient as possible, so you get clean water without any worry or hassle.

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