This Is Why We Created the Nano

Hello from the Q&C team! We wanted to tell you a lot more about the Nano water dispenser, but couldn’t fit everything we'd like to say on our site's other pages, so we created this blog. In our first post we want to share more about why we created the Nano, and how our customers’ experiences and feedback helped shape Nano’s design.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Drinking Water

First, you should know that delivering clean water is what we do. Q&C has been supplying homes and businesses with water dispensers for more than a decade. Our experience with every possible water dispenser design gives us a unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t.

In our opinion, to date, no dispenser has ever been perfect. Some used too much energy, some were too difficult to maintain, while others required hard-to-find replacement parts.

We also believe passionately that society must reduce its impact on the environment. At the largest scale, climate change is transforming our world. On a smaller scale, plastic water bottles clog landfills and pollute our waterways.

What can one person, or one small business, do to make a difference?

In our case, we decided to combine our professional experience with our customers' passion for environmentally-friendly solutions. As a result, we've created a better water dispenser that reduces the environmental footprint of something we all do every day - drinking water.

Using Our Skills to Solve Problems

Traditional water dispensers waste too much electricity when they provide hot water. They use inefficient coils to heat a reservoir of water and keep it hot all day and night. This requires a constant flow of electricity, even when nobody is home and no one wants hot water.

We designed the Nano to reach 7 times less energy use and 98% energy efficiency while heating water by taking a different approach. Our flow-through heating solution works on-demand. It heats only the water you need, when you need it. That makes the Nano more efficient than the microwave and even the electric kettle.

We Listened to Our Customers

The Nano’s design owes as much to our customers as to our own expertise. We asked our customers about their experiences and frustrations with water dispensers. And then we listened. The Nano’s design incorporates real-world feedback from people like you.

One common request was for a water dispenser that is stunning. Most water dispensers are ugly, and old fashioned. Many people told us they actually keep their water dispensers out of sight from visitors.

The Nano is beautiful. Its elegant, modern design is at home in any kitchen or office. From its curved, aluminum surface to the tempered glass covering the OLED control panel, we created a design for the 21st Century.

We'll tell you more about the Nano in future blog posts, or you can sign up for Nano news in your inbox.

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